Letter to my Son on Living Simple

August 25, 2018


I wrote this letter one year ago and set an alarm on my phone to read it to my son after a year on the road in an RV! I talk to him about the sacrifices and the reasons we have chosen this lifestyle!




Dear, Malachi


We are about to embark on a life changing adventure. I know you don’t understand this at 3 years old, but much of what we are doing is because of you. You have been the not so silent inspiration, and I wanted you to know I have heard what you have said, or at least the heart of it. You see your Mommy has been dreaming of staying home with you, she is a nurturer and has always wanted to of be 100% hands on in raising you. I love your mommy and want to help her realize her dreams, at the same time I stumbled upon a new perspective on life that I hope to pass on to you someday. The concept of living more intentional. Let me explain…


Daddy has always been  driven to make sure you and your sisters never have to do without. I grew up in a place where many people are not as fortunate as we are now. I have worked hard to make sure all of you have more opportunities than I did. In a safer place, surrounded with other families that don’t have a poverty mindset. The problems happened when I realized that even when you make more money and understand money, that most Americans tend to stay in debt. So in many regards I have failed, not only did I fail but I became a bad example of meaningless excess. I looked at the way we live and I knew if I truly wanted to live better, I need to live in a way that brings value to my life and more importantly your life.


I know you haven’t understood all the people that have come into our house and bought our furniture, or the kids that took your toys home with them. We have come to realize that the possessions we owned actually owned us! We spent more time managing and finding new “things” own or covet and we wasted our most precious resource with you…. our time together. We will not make that mistake going forward and I promise you I will replace those things with more daddy time and extra rounds and bouts of wrestling.


Malachi, I also know you will have little to no memories of a normal American childhood. This is by design, we are home schooling you to teach you to think for yourself. So you can learn to discern between wisdom and foolishness. So you are not swayed by trends, advertisements and peer pressure! Life is about growth and learning! Life is about experiences and relationships and when it comes down to it no one will love you or teach you better than your mother and I!


We will do our best to fill your young heart with love and tenderness. We will strive everyday to give you a full life of adventure and we promise to always guide in a way that will allow you to find the value in serving others, but most importantly we will teach you that less is more. That Jesus died for you… and that you are a gift to your mother and I. Someday you will take what we have learned and build your own family and I pray that our values will be instilled in you and passed on to your children and this life change that seems hard will affect generations going forward.


Daddy Loves you!


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