Swimsuit Woes Overcome

June 8, 2018

The thought of a swimsuit last summer would nearly give me a panic attack. Let alone wearing one in public. The stress of having to purchase a swimsuit meant trying them on, and realizing everything showed. All my bumps, cellulite, rolls, and my very non-toned legs would be on display for everyone to loathe. As you can guess I hated summer swim season. The stress of it was awful. I never really enjoyed taking my kids to the pool because I felt like a huge mess of a mom on the side watching them swim.


This summer has been completely different. The first time I put on my swimsuit from last year it literally starting falling off when I got into the pool. Luckily I had a hair tie to use to hold them up! I bought new swim bottoms, so now that will not happen again. Everyone should be saying hooray for that!


In this adventure we will be enjoying a lot of days at the water. Already we have been in a lake, waterfalls, pools, and streams. I know that being in a swimsuit in public will be a reality of our journey. The joy for me is that I have no stress about that. I know that I have made some huge strides with my weight, my overall health, and my personal journey. I am not going to be in a bikini any time soon (or ever let's be honest), but I feel so much better in my own skin.

I had not thought about it until earlier this week. We went to Little Niagara Falls in Sulphur, Oklahoma. We took some photos, and without even thinking about how I looked I posted in on my Facebook. That may seem like a silly thing, but I feel confident enough in how I feel about myself that I posted it without thinking. The next day I realized that I had changed more than my weight. In the last 18 months I have changed the way I feel about myself. My confidence has grown, my health has improved, and my life is better because of it.


A silly Facebook picture helped me to realized how far I had come. Typically, I would never have put a photo of myself in a swimsuit anywhere anyone with eyes could see it, but now I realized that I love this photo. Scott, Malachi and I were enjoying a beautiful waterfall on a gorgeous day. It was a nearly perfect day. This is a memory we will cherish. I am glad I did not miss this opportunity for a photo simply because I had on a swimsuit in public.


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