Me a Homeschooling Mom

May 16, 2018

Like most parents I want to give my son every advantage in life imaginable. I want him to be creative, experience the world, have a personal relationship with Jesus, and I want him to be intelligent. I was blessed to have these things instilled in me from my parents. Now it is my turn to parent my son the same way.


If you have been reading our blog you know that I have always wanted to be a stay at home wife and mom. When I was younger I also wanted to be a teacher. This RV life has given me the opportunity to do both of those things. This gift has given me a huge responsibility. Homeschooling, or roadschooling as it is referred to while RVing, is my main job. It is the foundation for what Malachi will have in schooling for the rest of his life. What a big responsibility I am taking on...


My mother and both of my sisters are/were teachers. I have the blessing of using their wisdom to give me tips and tricks. I also use a lot of Pinterest ideas. Whoever decided to make Pinterest is my hero. I would love to have a chat and a cup of coffee with her. Malachi and I have began our formal schooling. We are going to school Tuesday to Saturday as Scott has Sunday and Monday’s off, so we want to keep the same schedule as dad. Over the last month we have been working on setting our routine, getting curriculum ordered, and getting ready to set up for summer to start full time in the fall.


No matter how much I feel like I am prepared I keep wondering if I am qualified to do this. Do I have the tools to teach my child the basics to start his foundation for learning? I have taken early childhood education classes in college, but am I truly qualified for this task? I am concerned that I want my child to have every advantage in life, but am I going to give him those chances? As I venture into this journey I believe that I will succeed, and when anyone asks I exude confidence as that is how I am going to gain it myself, but I am worried that I will fail.


The more research I have done, and the more articles and books I have read make me feel like this is normal. I do not know if anyone is 100% ready to homeschool. (I guess there are a few, but I am not one of those!) I think everyone worries that they are not an expert, and they worry about screwing up their kid. The thing I have learned over time is that I am right. I am not the best teacher. I am short tempered. My son is stubborn, and our homeschool days are not perfect. The other piece I have learned is that I am blessed to change on a whim. We can take a break when we need too, and I have an amazing supportive husband who listens when I get frustrated.


I can say that I have taught my son a few things in the first month.


  • How to use scissors

  • ABC’s song and A-D with sounds (mostly…)

  • Shapes (circle, square, oval, rectangle, triangle, and diamond)

  • Colors (When in doubt he always says blue!)

  • Solid, liquid, gas of water

  • Plant growing process (seed to flower)

  • All about rain and rainbows

  • We made slime which was so cool for mom!

  • Noah’s Ark, Creation of Earth and other Bible stories


Just being able to list some of them out makes me feel like I am a success. There are some of you who are thinking about homeschooling, so remember if I can do it so can you! It really takes time to love your child, pick your curriculum, and dedicate to a schedule. The routine for a small child especially is vital. Set a schedule and routine that works best for your family. I will share my schedule and our routine in a later post as I feel like we are still tweaking ours now!


When you have a moment send up a prayer on my behalf.... Or maybe Malachi’s… that we will learn and grow together as we homeschool. If you want someone to share ideas, or if you are hoping for information on getting free homeschool materials send me an email at I would love to help! 


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