Happy Easter!

April 1, 2018


He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!


My father is a pastor. I grew up in a loving two parent Christian home. Easter was always the big one. Christmas was busy too, but Easter was always a highlight in our house. After observing Lent, having Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday services it was time for the joy that comes with Easter. Our family woke up REALLY early on Easter to hunt for our pre filled Easter baskets. (As we entered the pre teen years we looked for our baskets after church...way too early!) We had our special Easter dress, and mom always curled our hair. We went to church, and the festivities continued! We had Sunrise Service, Youth pancake breakfast, Easter egg hunt, Sunday School, and the Celebration of the Resurrection service. Typically our family would sing a special Easter song during the service. It was always my favorite day. We would have a huge lunch, and my parents would make sure anything we gave up for lent was on the lunch menu. I remember the year I gave up ice cream, and that was served with lunch! After lunch was pretty much nap time in our home.


I remember talking to a good friend of mine in college. I told her my favorite holiday was Easter. She smiled and said hers was Good Friday. In that moment I was changed. In paraphrasing my father from his Good Friday message this year, “This is it folks. Without Good Friday and Jesus payment for our sins, we can pay the price for our sin ourselves which is hell. The joy is God didn’t leave us there. He sent Jesus to pay our price. This is the whole Christian faith right here.” Easter weekend is what has changed me from a miserable sinner with no hope to a forgiven child of God.


In the same year we are home for Christmas and Easter. Without the freedom of our traveling life, this would not be possible. Scott has never experienced Easter at my home congregation, so this is exciting for me to share this with him.


I was raised as a Lutheran, and we now raise our son the same way. Scott and I know that staying involved in our faith walk while on the road could become a challenge. We are both deeply in love with our Savior Jesus, and we desire our son to have the same close relationship. Scott loves the architecture of old churches, and I love visiting a congregation where everyone knows you are a visitor as soon as you pull into the parking lot. On our travels we plan to visit many churches, and we will continue with our personal, family, and couple devotional times. If you have a church that you would recommend please leave us a comment below. We love to see God moving in all different places!


I understand that talking about our faith in Jesus on our public blog could cause some people to not want to follow our adventure any longer. That is everyone’s individual choice. Scott and I promised to be authentically ourselves when sharing the good, bad, and ugly of our adventure. A big part of who we are involves being children and followers of Jesus. On this Easter Sunday my prayer is that you are changed by the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus.


In His love,

Bethany, Scott & Malachi


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