Saying Goodbye! (to our Daughter)

February 4, 2018

Our oldest daughter, Kali, turned 19 last month. She lives in Prescott going to school, working and living her life as a college student. We are so proud of the woman she is becoming, and the foundation of faith she holds in her heart.


For her birthday this year she wanted to go to her favorite restaurant in Surprise. In keeping with our gift giving mentality we were happy to oblige with an experience for her gift. She came down on a Wednesday as she and her boyfriend were going to see a (Suns vs Mavericks) basketball game. It was a blessing we were able to pick up all our girls and go to dinner.


We had the best family dinner. We told stories, laughed, shared an amazing meal, and just spent quality time together. It was like we were not on a timeline. We all were able to just enjoy being together. We did not think about the fact the girls had to get home to do homework and get to bed for school the next day, and they had to make it to their basketball game. None of that mattered we were just in the moment and present with each other. It was such a blessing to just be together.


When it was time to go reality hit. My daughter hugged me like we normally do then the moment became real. She looked at me and said something I will never forget. “Bethany, I finally understand how you feel everytime we left Texas to leave your parents.” We both cried. I told her how proud of her I am, how much I love her, and how I am only a phone call away. We held each other a little longer. Then I watched her walk away with an extra tear in my eye.


As I got ready to get to get in my car. I see something. In true fashion she left her phone on top of my car. She ran back and I got one more quick squeeze.


Our journey will be full of adventure and full of quality time with Scott and Malachi, but my heart does have 3 holes that will be missing my baby girls. Today I can feel one of those holes starting as I will not have an opportunity to see her again before we leave.


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