The Gift of a Bucket List

January 20, 2018


We are a blended family in our home. Malachi is with us all the time, but our girls we share custody of throughout the year. Due to that we have some celebrations and traditions that best fit our family the way that we are now. One of those is that we do not celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day. Instead our Christmas tradition has been to celebrate Christmas with our girls a week before Christmas. This has given us an opportunity to have a full weekend of our Christmas traditions. We have a lot of traditions to uphold, so one day does not give us enough time! Due to the space constraints of our RV we decided to go to Scott’s parents’ house for our Christmas celebration this year.


My mother and father-in-love have been following our journey over the last year. They have encouraged us with our weight loss, loved seeing our transition to the RV, and have helped us downsize some items along with storing some of our mementos. They have been some of our biggest cheerleaders. Their gift this year showed us how much they have been engaged in our new adventure.



Our gift from my in-loves the year was that they bought us a “Bucket List.” The first bucket list item was given to us. We were told to get some Starbucks and spend 30 minutes with our phones off to talk about our hopes and dreams and things we would like to do. Then they made a joke that we need to turn our phones back on for us to figure out how to accomplish it! In the bucket are tags that we are able to use to put our own bucket list items on to work towards accomplishing them.


If that was not a cool enough gift, they have also given us a book to help us make the list. The book is What if God Wrote Your Bucket List? 51 Things You Don’t Want to Miss by Jay Payleitner. We are so excited to jump into the book together to discover new ideas and experiences to add to our bucket list! For us, this will not necessarily be a list of places to visit, as we are making that list already, but it will be a list of ideas of things to do. For example, we want to do things like boldly stand up for truth in a tough situation, do something that scares us (that is safe!), be completely giving of something we cherish, and share the joy of Jesus abandonedly.


The idea is that we will add all different items to the bucket, and we will pull them out as we are able to do them. Some we will be excited to pull out and do, while others will require growth and nerve to get them done. We are eager to see how God will have us grow and change this next year with this bucket list.


We will be working on reading this book together and making lists of items to add to our bucket list. This is an amazing gift that will be using throughout the year and even farther. This is a great example of gift being more than a thing, but an experience  In our blog 5 Ideas for Minimalist Christmas (link here) we talk about gifts that are not always things, and we cannot wait to add this amazing idea for a bonus idea!



If you have an idea for a great Bucket List item for us to add to the bucket please add a comment, send a message, or let us know!

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