A Lesson from Wall-E

January 13, 2018



Malachi and I love watching movies together. It is one of his favorite things. While I am writing this we are watching Curious George. We snuggle and love our movie time. Last week we decided to watch Wall-E. I have always enjoyed this one. Wall-E’s love for Eve(A) is such a neat story, but that is not what my focus is for this post.


It appears that the writers of Wall-E are poking fun at what “could” become of people. The more I watched the movie the more I realize we are not far from being the consumer based society that rides on chairs all day. In all honesty we have already become a society where we stare at screens all day long. I know there are days I go from my computer screen to my phone screen to my tv screen. When I think about it it makes me sick.


The big box company they talk about in the movie wants you to have everything at your fingertips. There is a moment in the movie where everyone is wearing red outfits, and then a new blue outfit comes out for sale. Almost instantly everyone is wearing the blue jumpsuits. No one is thinking about how much the clothing is, or even if they like it. Everyone just purchases the new jumpsuit.


I know some of you are thinking that this is a cartoon, and it is not a big deal, but hear me out. I have a 4 year old son that is watching this on his movies. He sees that it is normal to buy the “next best thing” right when it comes out. It starts early teaching our children to keep up with the fads, and buy on impulse. This is completely against everything we do in our own home. When we want to purchase something we put in on the list. After 30 days we decide if this is an item we really want. Is it something we need? Does it bring joy? And does it have value?


Scott and I have worked hard to make sure our children have not bought into the consumer culture. We do not have a lot of things, nor do we need them. We are so much happier with less stuff. I can honestly say that I do not enjoy going to the mall anymore. I used to love to go from shop to shop and moseying around and looking at everything I could buy. We went to the mall while we were in Texas visiting family and I could not get out fast enough. There was too much stuff. It made my stomach churn with how many items were in even the 3 stores I walked into. I am happy to also report that I only walked out with things I already owned. I did not find the Cowboys jersey I had wanted, but don’t fret… I found one I LOVED at the airport!


Over the next few weeks I will be more careful watching movies with Malachi. I want to watch kids movies he enjoys, but I am going to use things like having to have the blue jumpsuit as a teaching moment.  Consumerism is so masked in our culture we do not even see it! Next time you watch Wall-E I bet you see it a little differently.


Coming soon:  Minions are the epitome of successful minimalism



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