Clothes-a-holic to Minimalist

November 24, 2017


I love clothing. I love shopping. We have minimized the big items, and my clothing in a big way. We are searching but we have not found the real picture of all of my clothing I had before the big clothing purge of 2017. (this is close) I have recently lost 70 lbs, which is a different amazing journey that I will cover in another blog, so a lot of my clothing didn't fit anymore. However, I had a lot of clothing that I hated, never wore, or I just did not feel good in. Why did I hold on to them for so long? Sometimes I feel like I wanted to get my money out of it, sometimes I felt for the right event it would work, and sometimes it was a gift. It was hard to get rid of any of those.


The time came to really look at my clothes. I tried on every piece, and yes it took FOREVER! It was a full day of trying on clothing. I spent time in each item. I looked in the mirror and truly asked myself these five questions.

  1. Does it add a lasting value to my life?

  2. Does it spark joy?

  3. Does it add efficiency?

  4. Will I use it often enough to justify owning it?

  5. Does it have more than one use?

As I really took time to ask myself each question when I was looking in the mirror it was amazing to me how many items I kept for no reason. I had some that I kept because it was a fun day shopping with my girlfriend. I had some that still had tags because I only spent $4 on it! I had some items that simply did not bring me joy. I realized I still have the memory even if I do not have the clothing item from the shopping trip. If it was only $4 and I hated it, then the item was $4 too expensive. Lastly I had items other people liked me wearing. I had a red and white dress that I always got compliments on when I wore it. I had strangers tell me how cute it was, but when I wore it it brought me nothing. I had a few memories tied to the dress, but it was nothing that I needed the dress to remember.


As proud of myself as I am for getting rid of old clothing I find myself still trying to replace things. I love to shop for clothes. I will stop in Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, ANYWHERE that has clothes “just to look.” I especially love LuLaRoe. In fact my wardrobe is still filled with all sorts of clothing from their line. Every time someone has a going out of business sale, or a friend has a party I shop. I love finding a sale or clearance item. It gives me a rush to “win” with a sale price. I really have to wait to see if I am finding joy in the item or joy in the hunt for a good deal. This is something I am still working on. I do not want to cram my closet with items that I got on sale, but with items I love.


My closet is also changing. After a few months I will not be working, so I am changing what I buy. I have realized I do not need more dresses, work pants, or work tops. I am starting to purchase more hoodies, leggings my life staple… yes they are pants!, and tank tops. I know that traveling days will be made of comfortable clothing. Teaching days will be full of comfortable clothing, and days we are out and about can be easily dressed up with jeans and a few select dresses etc for church days. When I am trying to plan for now and later I want everything that will work for both.


I am a work in progress. So much so that I am hosting a Facebook LuLaRoe party this week. I love my comfortable clothing. The closer I get to not working and starting our adventure the better I hope to be on not shopping. Any encouragement and ideas will gladly be taken!


Side Note: No I am not a LuLaRoe consultant, and no I do not want to be. I just enjoy wearing them.


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