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November 12, 2017


Our family has been trying to define the experience we are undertaking. What to name our home/RV, and where do we want to go first? We have been looking for the best “tagline” for our website. We want to make sure that it reflects our intentional shift to these new values. I know these seem like simple problems to solve, but since most of our real stress and issues are gone, this is the kind of thing we discuss over a glass of wine.


The first problem has been handled (YAY!) since we have officially named our RV, and we will be announcing “his” name in the next week! We now plan to take a slow trip to Texas to visit family before we head back to the North West coast. The real issue has been the tag line. It has been a constant process of change and revision since it needs to be a statement of our core value with an adventure seeking twist. We have discussed how we downsized our home, and the effects it has had on us mentally and spiritually. We have thrown the words and terms around like curate, intentional living, and adventure. However, we settled on a simple and contradictory tagline for our website!


“Live with less, so we can live with more!”


We love it! We feel it is simple, it has a bit of word play, and most importantly it says a lot with a little. Comment and let us know what you think! Better yet if you have a better suggestion leave us a message at our Full Time Humans voicemail (928)487-5141.


ORANGE LETTERS/ITALICS = Interruptions by Scott 

PURPLE LETTERS/ITALICS = Interruptions by Bethany


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