RV Housewife

September 30, 2017

 Ever since I was a little girl I always saw myself as a mom. Being a teacher and being a mom were the only things I ever really desired to be. I was not a little girl that wanted to be a princess. I always thought about being a mommy. I knew that was something I had to be when I grew up.


I have been wanting to stay home with our son since he was born. With the house, debt, bills and “life stuff” we could not afford for me to do that. In order to live the life we were living I was unable to afford to stay home with our son. The RV life was calling our name.


Now I am finally able to do the one thing that my whole life was geared towards. I am finally getting to be a stay at home mom. I am able to be with my son full time and experience all of his “ah ha” moments. I finally am able to live my childhood dream. I could not be more excited.


I am completely aware that being a stay at home mom will not be all roses and diamonds. I know that there will be days that I would like a conversation with an adult, (Hey I am still here!) my son will be driving myself crazy, and I will be lonely. These and more things will drive me crazy from time to time, but the reward of being with my son will be greater overall.


My husband is going to be working a lot of hours, and will be sacrificing a lot for us. I am so thankful that he is allowing me, and helping me, to follow one of my biggest dreams. I am honored to work  hard spend less and save more, so she can realize her dream. I am in awe of the love he has for me.


Here I am being able to live my dream of raising my child and teaching him about the country, the Bible and to follow your dreams even when they seem crazy. We are able to give our kids the opportunities to follow their dreams in a full new way. I am so excited to live a life like no one else!


ORANGE LETTERS/ITALICSInterruptions by Scott 

PURPLE LETTERS/ITALICS = Interruptions by Bethany



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