It's just Stuff (decluttering)

September 23, 2017


Our garage is covered with items. When we moved in our home we bought over $1000 worth of tables, cabinets, tool storage, and drawers for tools. Then we spent even more money on drills, screwdrivers, garage rags, paint, goof off, and other tools. We had grand ideas of household maintenance, building some things, and being true "home owners." Whatever that meant.


We have lived in our home for 4 years now. Funny enough we are closing on the sale of our home almost 4 years to the day that we closed on purchasing it! In that time I do not think that we have used even 20 of those items. We do use a few of the screwdrivers to unlock doors, so that is a win. I am not the most handy person in the world but I was motivated! When I think about it now it makes me so mad I want to scream at the old us. Why did we think we needed that? We spent way too much money (and space!) on tools that we could have never taken out of the box.


Today as we are downsizing our home we emptied our garage to some family. He is an electrician and owns his own company, so they can use the tools (and WILL use them). The amount of joy it gave us to get it out of the garage was astounding. I never realized how big the garage is here. We could have both been parking in the garage. It is a two car garage, but who knew that meant you could fit two cars, and not just lots of junk! It is funny to me that we left $80k worth of cars outside so we can store a lot of “stuff” in a garage. It doesn’t make sense does it? Walking out there the first time everything was gone I was relieved. I literally felt lighter. The physical stuff being gone made the weight of my shoulders lighter.


I am loving this idea of moving our stuff away. The amount of items we are donating, selling, and giving to family has been a blessing. We are working hard not to give things to people unless it was an item that we knew they needed, found value in, or it brings them joy. We hope to continue this going forward! Even though we have taken a loss financially on many items, the freedom we feel in minimizing our things has really brought us alot of peace.


ORANGE LETTERSInterruptions by Scott 


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