Fail, Gloriously!

September 16, 2017

My oldest daughter, Kali, called me on the phone to ask for advice from her daddy. This is the first time we really got to talk as adult equals and she needed some insight. She was weighing what to do with her career. She wants to be a Marine Zoologist, but is afraid of failure. Even with perfect grades and her complete dedication she could fall short of her goal. To be fair, her back up plan is to be a normal veterinarian, but in her eyes that is falling short of her dream. So I did what any irresponsible father would do. I told her to give it everything she has, and dedicate every waking minute to her goal. I encouraged her to stay focused, and if she failed she must “Fail Gloriously”.


To be fair, I am in my late 30’s and still very much a dreamer. I am always putting my spare time and energy into something creative, and something I can dream about. I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s accumulating things, switching careers, gaining and losing small fortunes and building a family. I was following the great American blueprint only to find


that I was not happy. I was far from content, and I was enslaved to creditors and banks. After a year of planning, praying, and paying off debt my wife and I are embarking on our great adventure. Its not a perfect life but its a debt free life. Its a life I choose, surrounded by the people I care for most. We may go a year or two and decide its not for us and that we can’t do it anymore. We may return to our corporate jobs, build a 401k, and buy a house again. That realistically may happen. I just refuse to have regrets and if the worse case scenario is I would be a “Normal Veterinarian” instead of an “Marine Zoologist” I plan on Failing Gloriously instead of living a life in fear with nothing to show but regrets!


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