Late to the Party

September 8, 2017


I have to admit that I am really late to the party. I have just recently learned the value and amazingness that most people my age has been using for years. I began watching vlogs, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and finding the value of audible books. I am aware how silly that sounds especially as I am writing this as a blog post, but we all have to start somewhere… right?


When Scott and I decided to look into the full time RV life, I read articles on the internet, and then Scott starting sending me links. The next thing I knew I had been watching YouTube videos for over 5 hours. I was deep into the abyss of vlogs. There was a moment where I knew I was watching too many videos and I was getting in deep, but I was learning so many tips. I enjoyed the vlogs about the realities, products to get/avoid, and the mistakes people made. Honestly it made me feel so much better about the whole idea. It gave me some true insight to things to avoid, and I feel so much more ready.


Podcasts have also become so valuable to me. I listen to them in the car. I never realized how much I learned from just hearing what others have gone through themselves. I have done a lot of learning from homeschooling podcasts. I have had so much to learn about when it comes to laws, certifications, testing, and what is required state to state. I have gathered a lot of information about curriculum, schedule planning, and how to keep my husband engaged in the process of learning.


We have talked about starting our own vlog and podcasts once we get going on the road. Do we think that we could engage people to want to watch me? Do I have anything of value to give to the world around me? We have both planned to be completely honest. We will be brand new to the full time RV life. I will be a new stay at home mom, and I will be brand new to homeschooling. I am sure we will have some horrible and hilarious stories to tell. We also hope that we have some amazing adventures, places, and routes to share with others to enjoy. We know everyone’s journey is different, but we want to give people some ideas, tips and tricks. Learn from our adventure!


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