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September 7, 2017


Thank you all so much for the support we have received so far about our new RV adventure! We wanted to give everyone a heads up of our plans. We are not planning on leaving Arizona for at least 7 months. I know that seems like a far time away, but this is something that is a huge life change, and we need a lot of planning to get into place. We have a few steps that we are working on doing this time.


First we are selling our home. In order to truly live the new lifestyle we desire we need to sell our home. We will have our mail, and a few keepsakes with Scott’s parents here in Arizona. In order to sell our home we are selling all of our belongings. We have been downsizing for over 6 months, and we still have a house full of items we are needing to part ways. (Side note: if you are needing any home items hit us up!) There are many things that we have that we did not think about downsizing like camping stuff, big toys, tools and just kitchen things.



The next step is to get our RV which we have already picked and deposited on! Before we leave to explore we are going to stay in Arizona near family for a few months. We both want to take time to get to know our coach (RV) to find out its name. It could be a girl or a boy, and it could be sassy or stern. Once we spend some time with it we will be able to name it correctly. If we are stuck between a few there may be a poll to help us decide, but make sure you pick the name I like! Just kidding.


After we get to know our rig, and we are ready to get moving we will be taking off to visit my parents in Texas. It will be a joyous time to spend lots of quality time with them. Then we are planning our adventure from there. If you have some places on the west coast we have to see leave a comment! The time seems far, but the journey to a new more cultivated life is starting now. Every decision we make now will get us one step closer to the next. Thank you for joining us on our adventure!


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