It's Crazy... so lets do it!

August 25, 2017


My husband is insane. There are seriously times I think he has lost his mind. A little over a year ago he told me he wanted to live on a sailboat and travel the ocean with me. I have a history of motion sickness, so I was not interested in that at all. Then he mentioned we could live in an RV. For most people that would be another insane idea, but not for me. Scott and I have lived in a 600 sq. ft. 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment with 3 kids. Small spaces do not frighten me. In fact, I love the family time we are able to spend together when we have less space. Our family has been in the habit of staring at our electronics (phones, TV, iPads…) when in the same room. That is not quality time. I am guilty of this as well, but the exceptions is the high intensity Smash Brothers and Mario Kart impromptu family game nights!


The more I thought about this crazy idea of my husband thinking of living in an RV, the more I realized that this is such an adventure. We have a 5 bedroom 2.5 bath home that we are more than excited to leave. Every weekend we spend a full day just cleaning the house, doing laundry, preparing meals for the next week, and grocery shopping. It is like we only have one day off a week. By then we are so exhausted we do not want to even do anything. We decided that we are ready to do something completely different.


In our families we are known as the crazy ones. We have talked about doing a lot of strange things from opening a food truck, moving cross country, starting various new businesses, and many other strange things. (I am one of those people who always has  a project, and she lets me be me.The idea of living in an RV is different. We have been doing homework, research, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, paying off debt, and preparing for this new adventure for a year. This one is real. This one is really going to happen.



We are leaving the “American Dream” that we had been working hard to get. We got married, had kids, have good jobs, a nice house, and everything we were told we needed to be happy, but what we wanted the most we did not have the energy or time for. We wanted to be together. We wanted to enjoy each other's company. I mean I married the guy because he was my favorite human. I kind of thought we would spend forever together not in two different worlds where we see each other for dinner and sleep in the same bed. <- My personal favorite quote on this post.


We wanted more out of life. We only get one opportunity to life our life the way we want to live. We do not want to wait until we are too old to enjoy it. We want to run unabandoned into our dreams. This is the time. We are fearful, worried about what will happen, and nervous we are making the correct choice. The thing we are putting our faith in is these three main things.


  1. We believe that God is leading us, and we know He will protect us.

  2. We love each other, and our kids. We love the idea of having more quality time vs. quantity.

  3. The worst thing that will happen is that we have some crazy stories, and we buy another house.


We look forward to documenting our journey. We know if nothing else this will be an adventure of a lifetime with the goal being a more purposeful life. Join us on our journey!


ORANGE LETTERS/ITALICSInterruptions by Scott 

PURPLE LETTERS/ITALICS = Interruptions by Bethany



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