Quit my Job to Live Life

August 15, 2017


It’s 5 in the morning, and I just gave notice at my corporate job. I just sacrificed a 6 figure salary, and we just sold our house. We are venturing off into the unknown. My heart is beating out my chest, and I can hear it audibly in my head. I am going to willingly go without a safety net without regard for my financial well being. Clearly there is a part of me that is terrified, but this has been a process for me! We have worked towards this, paying off debt, downsizing, minimizing, and curating our life one piece at a time! Believe me as the wife it was NOT fun to be asked to get rid of my shoes, clothes, makeup and “stuff.” There is not something I wanted to do, and there have been times I have said nope that is a keeper.


We have gotten two kinds of responses when explaining to family and friends what we plan to do. The polite and safe “I am so excited for you” Where each word has a sort of drawl on it making it sound almost sarcastic when in reality it is said more out of shock. The other response is typically said an octave or two higher with aggressively raised eyebrows and exaggerated body language. It sounds similar to “I think you guys are Crazzzzzy.” To be fair I understand both responses, and people tend to operate in fear more often than they realize. I know I have… and it’s been holding me back!


Fear is an extremely powerful emotion, and frankly it’s what has allowed us to thrive as a species. It protected us in dire situations, and fear drives us to survive. It helps us choose the most risk averse path. I have lived in a quiet perpetual fear most of my life, and I am a very calculated person who proudly played life like a chess game, always thinking multiple moves ahead! I am always weighing the risk and reward of my moves and working to better my strategic position. I do not. Sometimes I am so far behind where he is. I feel like he is playing professional football, and I am on the little league team. We both find each other in the end, but we are still working on our communication.  I will still work and operate in much the same way, but what is valuable has changed. I am aligning my actions to get what I value most. It's not that I am not fearful, but instead it is that I have just had a healthy change in perspective!


This was not done impulsively, like I said, I tend to make decisions in a calculated fashion. My wife and I have been working to payoff both of our cars, credit cards and student loan debt we have acquired. Fallbacks and mistakes have been made on the way, but overall we have been steadfast about sacrificing “the now” so we can live a better life going forward. I will be honest most of the setbacks were me as I love my things, and until I fully bought into the new life I would just give hubby the sad eyes and “win.” We plan to live on the road in an RV and spending our free time experiencing life, soaking in adventure, and spending more time with our son. I will work from remote internet connection, and my wife will be a stay at home mom who will homeschool eventually. We plan on sharing our adventures with each of you, and going where the weather and solid internet connections take us!


Yes, in many people’s eyes I am sacrificing a lot. To me, I have already sacrificed too much. I gave twenty years of my life on a dream that others told me I should strive for to be happy. I gave approximately 40,000 working hours for material “stuff” I gave the prime of my life to acquire “things.” It’s time I dream for myself now, it’s time I live my life debt free, and I become untethered by other people's expectations. It is time I stop living in fear and make choices that will bring value to my whole family!


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