In the Beginning...

August 23, 2017


This platform and the website itself is something I have wanted to do for years. I wanted a place where my beautiful struggles can be documented along with my passions and personal growth. I wanted to record my struggle with weight loss, my evolution in moderate minimalism, and my own personal growth. I have hopes of helping others through these journeys, and at the same time I will learn more about myself and develop the discipline to record the process. This is essentially my blank canvass to share journey of self evolution. Much to my surprise, my wife decided to join in this endeavor. 




Why Full-time-Humans? Humans are fundamentally flawed, yet we always attempt to show the best side of ourselves. Rarely are we free enough and open enough to let people in and show people who we truly are. My goal is to expose all sides of my humanity both good and bad. I want to eventually feel confident enough to truly be a full time human!


What is with the different color Fonts?
My wife and I decided to allow each other freedom to interject into each others post. So when I write one she may add her own thoughts and weigh in with her perceptive. I may add a piece of my internal dialog as well. So when you see the font switch to a PURPLE that is Bethany speaking on my post, if you see the font switch to ORANGE that is me speaking on Bethany's post! Confusing right? 


Why is a monkey your logo? Well since we have not evolved yet to the honest version of ourselves, and because few people ever become a "fulltimehuman" it was my way of showing how unevolved I (we) still am (are)!?

What is Minimalism? Minimalism as a lifestyle choice: The less you own, the happier you’ll be. Pare down and declutter, and your mind/soul will have room to breathe. Minimalism is about spending more energy on living, less energy on having.


Why do you call yourself a Moderate Minimalist? Minimalism is viewed as an extreme lifestyle choice. Many people choose to live this lifestyle to its most extreme measure, I do not! I do not have excess of anything, but I also never feel deprived. I am always striving to strike a balance and I encourage others to find their personal balance.


Carnivor vs. Vegetarian/Vegan/whatever?  This is simple for me, I eat very little meat (mostly fish, some chicken), and I have been transitioning from a fully carbivor and carnivore lifestyle to a lifestyle filled with mostly vegetables. This has been, will continue to be, a process. 


What is a well curated life? I am not here as a guru of anything, rather I am sharing my experience and process to the inter-webs. I believe that each person needs to curate their own life, values, and beliefs. My blueprint is not the only one, and my way is not always right. I have found hacks and tricks that have helped me down this path, and I am sharing those micro-wisdoms with you. 



Can I contribute? Yes, I am always looking for good content that fit the tone and feel of the website. "Contact me" if you have a topic you want me to tackle or if you would like to submit an article, poem, art etc! 





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