The Introduction...

August 12, 2017

My perspective is my truth, it is my world. It is a safe place where I have done my due diligence on politics, religion, art, love, life etc. It is a comfort zone, a safe place, but I want more then to just be comfortable. Happiness does not come with contentment, or comfort. True happiness, as I see it, comes from the inertia of constant growth and challenge. I want to challenge all my beliefs, and I want to cherish the details of life. I want to travel, document, and experience the kinds of change that few modern men ever challenge themselves too. 


When does our ability to dream die? Why does our imagination get suppressed as we become adults? When did it become politically incorrect to question our authority, our leaders, our lawmakers, and our religions? When did it become rude to question each other?  I played the part of an "open minded deep thinker." I just recycled other peoples ideas slightly molding them, and changing them to fit my own. That was my failure as a man. This will be my journey, my challenge to unlearn what I have been taught, to tear down my foundations on my faith, my ideas, concepts and my physical body. 


I will document the process. I will record my struggles with weight loss. I will talk openly about my embarrassments, my triumphs, my failures, and every single one of my glorious victories. I will leave it here for you to read for everyone to see and experience. From my guilty pleasures to my deepest passions I hope to find others who will share in my newly found vigor for life... 

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