January 30, 2018

We are cooking and living full time in an RV. We are also in the middle of a 30 day challenge where we eat a vegetarian diet. So we have experimented with some new food ideas and we stumbled upon what we call "The Ultimate Avocado Toast" and I will say its amazing. Che...

January 28, 2018

Being in limbo is the worst place to be. I feel like we are living in limbo. We are so close to having the freedom to do everything we want to do, but we just are not quite there… yet!

September 25, 2017 is the day we started living full time in our RV. In those 3 month...

January 20, 2018

We are a blended family in our home. Malachi is with us all the time, but our girls we share custody of throughout the year. Due to that we have some celebrations and traditions that best fit our family the way that we are now. One of those is that we do not celebrate...

January 14, 2018

We have been promoting experience over physical items so for Malachi's 4th birthday we went to the zoo. They have a special dinosaur exhibit that we had to see for Malachi's benefit and of course a special visit to our little man's spirit animal the elusive and cute sp...

January 13, 2018

Malachi and I love watching movies together. It is one of his favorite things. While I am writing this we are watching Curious George. We snuggle and love our movie time. Last week we decided to watch Wall-E. I have always enjoyed this one. Wall-E’s love for Eve(A) is...

January 8, 2018

The Fulltimehumans headed to Texas to see the family and the brute force of winter kept us in the cabin for most the time! So we enjoyed good food, good company and of course some Texas football. We ventured through natures frigid weather to go into a literal ice box o...

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