About us!

Choosing to live a deliberate life they ditched their corporate jobs in search of adventure! Now they spend their days less focused on their possessions, and they put more emphasis on their day to day experience! Join Scott, Bethany, and Malachi as they curate a more purposeful life!


Scott built this website as part of his year to invest in himself. The amount of change was to be determined. He has found personal growth with the help of Minimalism, intermittent fasting, and putting action to his crazy ideas and dreams! As long as he has his family by his side he knows the adventures will be unlimited.


At first she will be a reluctant contributor, and she will lend a voice to the blog. Bethany made only one promise to Scott when they were married, she promised he would never be bored. Thus far she has kept her word, and she joined in the adventures with Scott and their son Malachi to find ways to live a more intentional life. 

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